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People and Places

The initial development of deep inference (actually, of system BV) took me several years, the first five of which spent in recycling paper. I started at University of Pennsylvania (1994), then went on to Università di Pisa (1994-97) and INRIA Lorraine (1997-98), and then at Technische Universität Dresden, where I worked until 2005. I am now at INRIA Nancy-Grand Est, on leave from the University of Bath.

The following persons profoundly influenced deep inference:

At TU Dresden I found three bold, extraordinary students: Kai Brünnler, Lutz Straßburger and Alwen Tiu. They risked their future careers to come to work on this project when nobody sane could bet on its success.

Last, but not least, I'd like to acknowledge the Scuola Normale Superiore for the excellent education it tried to give me, at a time when I didn't know that proof theory existed, nor did I know the value of education.

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